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Sunny the Bear Pediatric Compressor Kit with Disposable Nebulizer & Mask

Sunny the Bear Pediatric Compressor Kit with Disposable Nebulizer & Mask

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The Sunny the Bear Compressor Nebulizer System combines power and reliability with a child-friendly design to create a treatment system that parents can trust and children will want to use. Sunny comes complete with a disposable nebulizer and a Mask to provide fast and friendly treatment.

Sunny the Bear is a Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer, specifically designed to assist children suffering from chronic respiratory conditions that hinder their breathing capacity. This remarkable nebulizer ensures that children with asthma and other respiratory ailments receive effective treatment on a daily basis.

The Sunny the Bear Nebulizer not only provides excellent medical support but also adds an element of fun to the experience. Its kid-friendly design and portable packaging make it convenient for children to use at both home and school. Resembling a toy, this playful nebulizer helps alleviate any apprehension associated with aerosolized medication administration. Its durable and sturdy construction ensures reliable performance for everyday use.

Product Information
Manufacturer Sunset Healthcare BPR
In the Package

Sunny the Bear Compressor, Disposable Neb Kit, Pediatric Aerosol Mask, Filters

Part Number(s) NEB300BEAR
HCPCS Code E0570
Warranty 3-Year
GTIN / UPC Code 0084853090869
Performance Specifications
Nebulization Capacity 6 mL
Compressor Pressure 30-45psi
Compressor Flow Rates 8-10 LPM
Operating Mode Continuous
Physical Specifications
Physical - Machine Weight 2.75 Lbs