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Sleep Res V-Com Inspiratory Comfort Accessory

Sleep Res V-Com Inspiratory Comfort Accessory

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The V-Com Accessory provides inspiratory comfort for anyone using CPAP or BiPAP therapy. V-Com makes using PAP Therapy easier and more comfortable.

The V-Com Inspiratory Comfort Accessory is a type of PAP machine accessory designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of CPAP therapy for individuals with sleep apnea. It can be used by seasoned PAP therapy users as well as help new therapy users to get acclimated to PAP therapy and increase compliance.

V-Com goes in between your CPAP tube and mask interface tube - it will reduce flow without having any affect on the actual CPAP pressure.

Usage Information: The V-Com should be cleaned with a mild soap and water after each use. If using the V-Com on a regular basis, the accessory should be replaced on average every 3 months.

Product Information
Manufacturer Sunset Healthcare BPR
Part Number(s) CAP1026 (Replaces VC1004-1)
HCPCS Code E1399
Physical Specifications
Materials Latex Free