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Pari Nebulizer Tubing with Blue Wingtips (6-Foot)

Pari Nebulizer Tubing with Blue Wingtips (6-Foot)

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This 6-foot tubing with blue Wingtips is designed to connect standard nebulizer compressors, like the Pari Vios and Pari Trek S, to standard nebulizer cups like the LC Sprint, LC Plus and LC Star.

This Nebulizer Tubing with Blue Wingtips is used to connect compressor nebulizers to PARI LC Plus Series Nebulizer Cups (i.e. LC Sprint, LC Plus, etc).

For best results this nebulizer tubing should be replaced regularly as required, at least every 6 months. It should NOT be cleaned.

Product Information
Manufacturer Pari Medical
Part Number(s) 044E0055
HCPCS Code E1399
Compatibility NOT Compatible with Pari Vios Pro Compressor Nebulizers
Physical Specifications
Product Dimensions 6 Feet
Materials Latex Free