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OxyBreather Single Sided Nasal Cannula with 7 Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing

OxyBreather Single Sided Nasal Cannula with 7 Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing

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The OxyBreather Single Sided Nasal Cannula is a revolutionary, lightweight, comfortable oxygen cannula that delivers the same oxygen levels as standard nasal cannulas (up to 4 LPM) while eliminating two-thirds of facial contact. This OxyBreather Single Sided Cannula comes complete with a 7 Foot Oxygen Supply Tube.

Simple, Sleek Design: Typical nasal cannulas have two breathing tubes that drape across your face, weigh down your ears, and cause pressure and creasing on your cheeks. The OxyBreather is a single sided nasal cannula held in place by ultra soft nasal prongs and an earpiece, removing two-thirds of the plastic tubing from your face and creating a lighter, more comfortable fit.

Usage Information: Maximum Oxygen Liter Flow of 4 LPM. For best results replace the OxyBreather cannula every 2-4 weeks when it appears visibly soiled or discolored or when it is less comfortable due to age, wear and tear. The clothing clip and earpiece are non-disposable items and can be used indefinitely and only need to be replaced if lost or damaged.

Purchase Options: First time users of the Oxy-Breather Cannula should purchase a Starter Kit which includes the cannula with tubing, an earpiece assembly, and a clothing clip. If you're already an OxyBreather user you can just purchase a replacement cannula and re-use your existing earpiece and clothing clip. Both the cannula only option and the cannula Starter Kit are available when adding the OxyBreather to your shopping cart.

Product Information
Manufacturer Oxy-Tech
Part Number(s) RF-L7, SS-LC7
HCPCS Code A4615
Physical Specifications
Product Dimensions 7 Feet
Materials Latex Free

Guide To Using Oxy-Breather Nasal Cannula