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OptiFlow+ Nasal Cannula for myAIRVO 2 High Flow Systems

OptiFlow+ Nasal Cannula for myAIRVO 2 High Flow Systems

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OptiFlow+ Nasal Cannulas are a special high flow interface designed exclusively for use with F&P myAIRVO 2 Humidified High Flow Systems

The unique OptiFlow+ Nasal Cannula features a concave base, together with the soft contoured prongs to enhance comfort to the septum and nares. Soft cheek pads with a larger surface area promote stability, and minimize pressure on the face; and an integrated headstrap clip improves tubing management to simplify eating, drinking, and communicating. Three sizes are available -- Small, Medium & Large -- to fit a wide range of users.

Usage Information: Optiflow+ Nasal Cannulas are intended to be used for a maximum of 30 days providing daily and weekly cleaning of equipment. For more information on cleaning equipment, review the paperwork that came with your device.

Product Information
Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
Part Number(s) OPT942E (Small)(Orange), OPT944E (Medium)(Blue), OPT946E (Large)(Green)
HCPCS Code E1399
GTIN / UPC Code 09420012429711 (Small), 09420012429735 (Medium), 09420012429742 (Large)
Compatibility myAIRVO 2 Humidified High Flow System
Physical Specifications
Available Size(s) Small, Medium, Large