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OptiChamber Diamond Valved Holding Chamber

OptiChamber Diamond Valved Holding Chamber

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The OptiChamber Diamond valved holding chamber (VHC) is smaller than most conventional VHC's and incorporates a stepped mouthpiece, a clear, anti-static chamber, and a low resistance expiratory valve that helps measure breath count and breath hold. OptiChamber Diamond's intuitive design enhances medication delivery and compliance for patients of all ages, at home or in the hospital.

For use with inhaled steroids, as well as long-acting and rescue pressurized metered dose inhaler (pMDI) medications, the OptiChamber Diamond is designed for ease of use and to support compliance. OptiChamber Diamond's mouthpiece and anti-static VHC potentially allow more respirable drug to be delivered to the patient than with a pMDI alone.

OptiChamber Diamond can be paired with the detachable LiteTouch VHC face mask (available separately) designed to provide comfort and an optimal facial seal. The mask uses a unique design that molds a clear, hard shell to an exclusive soft-seal interface that contours to the face with a minimum amount of pressure to promote aerosol therapy comfort and compliance.

Product Information
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
Part Number(s) 1077478-1, 1079830-1
HCPCS Code A4627
Warranty 30-Day
GTIN / UPC Code 00383730774787, 00383730000268
Physical Specifications
Product Dimensions 5.6 Inches Long
Materials Silicone, Anti-static Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)