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NozeSeal Adhesive Strips (30-Day Supply)

NozeSeal Adhesive Strips (30-Day Supply)

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NozeSeal is an innovative solution for the challenges encountered by individuals with sleep apnea relying on CPAP therapy. Say goodbye to disruptive leaks, uncomfortable masks, unsightly facial marks, skin irritation, and hair damage with this transformative solution. 

Enchances CPAP Compliance; Compatible with All Nasal Pillow Masks: NozeSeal Adhesive Strips provide a distinctive solution to discomfort, blemishes, and mask leaks experienced by a large population of CPAP users. Compatible with all nasal pillow masks available on our site, they alleviate common CPAP frustrations and boost compliance.

Latex-Free & Gentle on the Skin: Made with a beige PET tricot fabric and bonded to a clear polyethylene film, each NozeSeal Adhesive Strip is equipped with medical-grade acrylic adhesive, ensuring a secure fit on your nose. Free from latex, this product prioritizes hypoallergenic comfort.

User Friendly Adhesive for Easy Application & Removal: Each adhesive strip comes on a paper liner, aiding in easy removal from the packaging and application to your nose. For added convenience, step-by-step instructions on achieving the best fit are printed on the box's interior cover. Each strip features Easy-peel tips for easy, comfortable removal.

Product Information
Manufacturer NozeSeal
Part Number(s) NZSL-30MD
HCPCS Code E1399
GTIN / UPC Code 00700512822038
Compatibility All Nasal Pillow Masks
Physical Specifications
Available Size(s) Medium (Fits Most)
Materials Latex Free

NozeSeal Video User Guide

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