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Nickel Plated Brass Nut-and-Stem 'Christmas Tree' Adapter for Oxygen Tubing


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Made of Nickel Plated Brass, this highly durable, reusable "Christmas Tree" Adapter allows small oxygen tubing (such as standard 3/16" inner diameter tubing sold on this site) to connect easily to standard stationery oxygen flowmeters, cylinders and related products.

Precision Medical's reusable metal Christmas Tree Adapters are built to last in busy homes and medical environments. The Nickel Plated Brass is easy to clean and disinfect and the built in wing nut provides a secure seal that resists breakage and deep grooved barbs to prevent oxygen leakage.

This adapter is a universal fitting compatible with a wide range of stationary and home concentrators including those from Respironics, Airsep, Invacare, Medline, Drive Healthcare, etc. It is not needed for most portable or travel oxygen concentrators.

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Manufacturer Precision Medical
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