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The Nasal-Aire II is a breakthrough "cannula style" mask with no hard frame and extremely minimal facial contact so it can be worn for any length of time without discomfort. Nasal-Aire II Prongs (or Pillows) are soft and lightweight with six sizes available to fit a very wide range of users. Adaptive, adjustable headgear straps are also included for optional use.


Ergonomically Designed, Lightweight & Comfortable: The Nasal-Aire II is lightweight and comfortable to wear with an ergonomically designed shape that follows the contours of the face without pinching or pressure points. The minimalist construction has no hard frame and requires minimal facial contact so it's great for people concerned about facial marking or tight headgear straps.

Six Prong Sizes Available: The Nasal-Aire II is available with six different prong/pillow sizes -- ExtraSmall, Small, Medium, MediumPlus, Large, ExtraLarge -- to fit a very wide range of users. If you're uncertain of which size you need, choose the FitPack option in your shopping cart so you can try all of the sizes to find your best fit.

Unique "Wear it Your Way" Headgear: Nasal-Aire II comes with uniquely adapter headgear straps that you can wear your way or not at all. Nasal-Aire II's headgear isn't required, but it is included for people who prefer added stability with their mask. Use the complete set of headgear straps for extreme stability; wear the headband only for medium stability; or use just the bolo velcro strap for minimal added stability.

Built in Tubing Swivel: At the end of the Nasal-Aire II is a 360º Swivel that lets your CPAP/BiPAP Tubing swivel freely as you move and shift during the night reducing tension, drag and pull on the Nasal-Aire II Mask.

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Product Information
Manufacturer InnoMed Technologies
In the Package

Complete Nasal Pillow Mask with 1 Nasal Pillow/Prong (ExtraSmall, Small, Medium, MediumPlus, Large or ExtraLarge) and Headgear.

Part Number(s) NAII301 (Extra Small), NAII302 (Small), NAII303 (Medium), NAII304 (Medium Plus), NAII305 (Large), NAII306 (Extra Large), K2A (FitPack with all 6 Prong Sizes)
HCPCS Code A7034 A7035
Warranty 90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty + Exclusive 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
GTIN / UPC Code 00885304017578
Compatibility All CPAP & BiPAP Machines (Adapter required for use with AirMini Travel CPAP Machines.)
Mask Performace
Mask Type Nasal Pillow Masks, FitPack Masks
Mask Pressure Levels 4 to 20 cm H20
Physical Specifications
Available Size(s) Extra Small, Small, Medium, Medium Plus, Large, Extra Large
Materials Latex Free, BPA Free