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HC150 Heated Humidifier Kit for CPAP/BiPAP Therapy (with Tubing, 2 Chambers & Stand)


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The HC150 Heated Humidifier from Fisher & Paykel improves patient comfort and compliance by providing warmed, humidified air during CPAP and BiPAP therapy. It is an external heated humidifier and therefore is compatible with almost any CPAP/BiPAP system including those from Respironics, ResMed, Puritan Bennett, Covidien, DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel, AEIOmed, and others.

    More Comfortable Therapy: Up to 80% of CPAP/BiPAP users complain of upper airway or nasal symptoms which can occur due to cold, dry air during therapy. Unfortunately these symptoms may be so severe that treatment is discontinued. The nasal mucosa is responsible for heating and humidifying the air we breath. Research has shown the increased airflow of CPAP/BiPAP can overwhelm our natural ability to humidify inspired air. As a result, the nasal mucosa may become dry, irritated and swollen. The HC150 adds heated humidification to standard CPAP therapy, maintaining mucosal hydration and preventing discomfort.

    Intelligent Therapy Adjustments: During the night, room temperatures often drop. When this occurs, humidification users commonly notice condensation and water droplets forming in the tubing. Many find the associated gurgling noise -- commonly known as rainout -- irritating and are often forced to drain the tubing during the night. To overcome this, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare has developed the HC150 Humidifier with a unique Ambient Tracking feature. Ambient Tracking adjusts heater plate temperature throughout the night to compensate for changes in room temperature so that condensation is minimized while humidity is maximized.

    Dimensions & Weight (Approximate)

    • Humidifier = 2.1in X 5.2in X 5.7in (5.4cm X 13.2cm X 14.6cm)
    • Humidifier = 1.8 lbs. with Chamber

    Performance & Power Characteristics

    • North American Power Supply Only
    • Operating Temperature = 30° C to 65° C (86° F to 149° F)
    • Heater Settings = 1 - 4
    • Chamber Options = HC325 disposable or HC300 long lasting
    • Water Capacity = 480 ml to maximum fill line

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    Manufacturer Fisher & Paykel
    In the Package

    HC150 heated humidifier, US power cord, tubing, two HC325 water chambers, mounting tray, tubing connectors, and printed instructions

    Part Number(s) HC150PACKJHU
    HCPCS Code E0562
    GTIN / UPC Code 09420012413345

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