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Firesafe Cannula Valve Oxygen Supply Tubing Connector (Male to Male)


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The Firesafe Cannula Valve Oxygen Supply Tubing Connector is a thermal fuse designed to extinguish an oxygen delivery tube fire and stop the flow of oxygen if the tube is accidentally ignited. Firesafe Cannula Valves are compatible with all standard oxygen tubes and cannulas and are easy to attach inline with universal fittings at both ends.

The Firesafe Cannula Valve is essentially a thermal fuse, comprising a spring loaded valve held open by a T-bar. The T-bar is situated downstream of the valve and supported by a fusible ledge of material. The Firesafe valve is actuated when the fuisble ledge softens as a result of heat from an approaching fire in the oxygen delivery tubing. Upon actuation the valve probe moves forward and an o-ring seals the valve, thereby isolating the oxygen supply from the fire.

It is recommended that at least two Firesafe devices are fitted to each oxygen delivery circuit. The first, either a Firesafe Nozzle or Firesafe Cannula Valve depending on your oxygen setup, should be positioned close to the source of supply; and the second, a Firesafe Cannula Valve, should be positioned close to the patient. The Firesafe Cannula Valve provides no protection if a fire burns through the oxygen delivery tubing upstream of the device.

The Firesafe Cannula Valve is maintenance free and has an intended life of 4 years. Dispose of any Firesafe Cannula Valve 4 years after the manufacturing date engraved on the device. Once actuated, the Firesafe Cannula Valve cannot be reset and must be discarded.

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Manufacturer Sunset Healthcare BPR
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Part Number(s) RES010
HCPCS Code E1399
GTIN / UPC Code 00848530061296
Compatibility This Firesafe Cannula Valve has a universal fitting at each end so it can easily be inserted between any two lengths of standard oxygen tubing, as well as oxygen cannulas with standard fittings like those sold on this site.
Physical Specifications
Materials Latex Free

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