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Battery (195 Watt Hour Power Cartridge) for Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrators

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This replacement power cartridge is designed for use with all Eclipse Oxygen Concentrators. Power cartridges can be quickly switched out of the Eclipse so that you can extend your time away from regular power sources.



Each power cartridge will deliver up to 4 hours of Continuous Flow Therapy or 5 hours of Pulse Dose Therapy depending on flow rate and settings. This updated cartridge (with the black button) features an intuitive downward release.

Charging: All Eclipse Concentrators will charge Power Cartridges in the unit when using AC power. Eclipse 5 Concentrators will charge Power Cartridges in the unit when using DC power (older Eclipse concentrators can NOT charge a Power Cartridge from DC power). Power Cartridges can also be charged externally using the Eclipse Desktop Charger.

Calibration: For best performance SeQual recommends calibrating batteries once a month. To calibrate a battery it should be fully discharged and then fully recharged. For complete instructions on care and operation of your SeQual Eclipse and Eclipse Power Cartridges see your oxygen concentrator manual.


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Product Information
Manufacturer Caire SeQual AirSep
Part Number(s) 7082
HCPCS Code E1356
Compatibility Compatible with all Eclipse 1, 2, 3 & 5 Series Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

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