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Tidy Tubing is the well mannered oxygen line that stretches when you need extra length and retracts into a tight coil when you don't. Tidy Tubing is compatible with standard oxygen outlets and cannulas so there's no complicated setup either! This package includes a 5-Inch coil, 10-Inch coil or 15-Inch coil, a disposable soft nasal cannula (you can use your own too if you prefer), an oxygen tubing connector, and a handy clothing clip.

Quality & Convenience: Tidy Tubing Coiled Self-Retracting Oxygen Supply Tubing gives oxygen users the freedom they deserve to move about the home, or get out and about, without constantly being tangled up by their oxygen supply tubing. Clear and odorless Tidy Tubing is made of medical grade polyurethane with a smooth bore for quiet operation; and it's high quality so it only needs to be replaced about once a year on average.

Compatible With Your Favorite Concentrators & Cannulas: Each Tidy Tube comes complete with a swivel connector, a clothing clip to eliminate straining and pulling, and a disposable soft nasal cannula. If you prefer a different cannula though don't worry, Tidy Tube is compatible with any standard nasal cannula including those from Salter, WestMed, Hudson RCI, and more. So, choose whichever cannula you prefer... Tidy Tubing is compatible!

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Product Information
Manufacturer Captive Technologies
In the Package

Tidy Tubing Self-Retracting Oxygen Supply Tube, Soft Nasal Cannula, Oxygen Tubing Connector, Clothing Clip, Extension Tubing

Part Number(s) 1833 (5 Inch Coil), 1834 (10 Inch Coil), 1835 (15 Inch Coil)
HCPCS Code A4616
GTIN / UPC Code 00697285131002 (5 Inch Coil), 00705968376531 (10 Inch Coil), 00685248637692 (15 Inch Coil)
Physical Specifications
Product Dimensions 5 Inches (With 5 Foot Effective Range), 10 Inches (With 10 Foot Effective Range), 15 Inches (With 15 Foot Effective Range)
Materials Latex Free