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Bongo RX EPAP Device Annual Pack

Bongo RX EPAP Device Annual Pack

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Bongo RX EPAP Therapy Device is an innovative, FDA-cleared device designed to treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. The Bongo RX Annual Pack is offered in sizes Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large.

OSA Treatment Without the Mask: No mask or machine required, the Bongo RX is a small, discreet device that can fit in the palm of your hand. The Bongo RX works by using EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure) therapy to treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Once the device is inserted, upon inhalation, the valves in the cones open allowing you to breathe in normally. Upon exhalation, the valves close creating a more narrow outlet for the exhaled air to pass though which in turn creates the pressure that is needed to keep your airway open for the next inhalation.

Simple to Use: Using the Bongo RX is simple, just insert the device into the nostrils and breathe! On top of being simple to use, the Bongo RX is reusable and can be used for up to 90 days with proper cleaning.

4 Sizes Included for a Custom and Comfortable Fit: The Bongo RX is offered in 4 different sizes of silicone insterts; Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large, so there is a custom fit for everyone.

Ideal for Home & Travel: The Bongo RX device is small enough to slip into a purse or pocket, making it ideal for travel, but they're comfortable and effective too so they're great at home. Bongo RX does not require a machine or make noise so you and your partner can sleep better together. And the Bongo RX device does not require electricity, giving you the freedom to sleep anytime, anywhere.

Product Information
Manufacturer AirAvant
In the Package

4 Silicone Inserts, Headgear, Drying Stand, Travel Case & User Manual

Part Number(s) BNG502 (Small), BNG503 (Medium), BNG504 (Large), BNG505 (Extra Large)
HCPCS Code E1399
GTIN / UPC Code 10833224005028 (Small), 10833224005035 (Medium), 10833224005042 (Large), 10833224005059 (Extra Large)
Physical Specifications
Available Size(s) Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Materials Latex Free, Contains Silicone