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Bleep Eclipse CPAP Interface Starter Kit

By Bleep
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The Bleep Eclipse CPAP Interface is a no-leak CPAP mask solution that solves the most common complaints of sleep therapy users. The ingenious Bleep Eclipse uses a minimal frame and adhesive patches to seal just below the nostrils so there’s no headgear, no pressure or pinching, and best of all no leaks even for the most active of sleepers.

Lightweight & Flexible: The Bleep Eclipse Interface is flexible, lightweight and very easy to use. In fact it's so light and comfortable that you can even wear it as you read or watch TV before going to sleep. Applying the Halo's takes only seconds and then you can rest and relax until you're ready to turn out the lights.

Magnetic Port Technology: The Bleep Eclipse works seamlessly by attaching to the Halo's using MagSeal, which utilizes Magnetic Port Technology to quickly, and easily click on and off. This no-leak solution was designed for ease of use, comfort, better sleep and overall better health.

Not Nasal Pillows!: No matter how well they fit, nasal pillow CPAP masks still stick up your nose and can cause pain and discomfort. Halo adhesive strips, use a gentle surgical grade, BPA, Corn and Latex-Free adhesive and is applied on the outside of the nostrils so nothing goes up your nose except for a pure stream of air from your sleep therapy device.

One Size Really Does Fit All: No two noses are the same. That's why Bleep designed the Eclipse CPAP Interface in a single flexible size that really does fit all users. So, no matter what the shape of your nose or nostrils, Bleep's Halo adhesive strips eliminate leaks, and ensure a much stronger seal than nasal pillow or cushion masks. Because of the minimal design, Bleep Eclipse is great for people with facial hair too!

No Headgear Means Greater Comfort: With the minimalist Bleep Eclipse CPAP Interface there's no hard frame, no headgear, and no bulky cushioning to get in the way of your restful night's sleep. The Bleep Eclipse Interface, and Halo's, won't leave any marks or dents on your face like traditional CPAP masks do; and with Bleep you can sleep in any position -- on your back, stomach or side -- without pressure or pinching! 

Hypoallergenic, Disposable & Recyclable: The Halo adhesive strips that hold the Eclipse in place are hypoallergenic and disposable. There is no need to figure out when to replace your mask because each night you use two new disposable Halo's to keep your Eclipse Interface in place. The small MagSeal ports are also recyclable once the tape has been removed so Halo's are both clean and green!

The Eclipse Interface should be replaced every 30-90 days on average just like traditional CPAP masks.

Bleep is Compatible with your CPAP or BiPAP Machine: Each Bleep Eclipse comes with a 10 Inch Hose and Swivel Connector that will attach to any heated or non-heated CPAP hose with a standard connector. Just plug it in and you're good to go.

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Product Information
Manufacturer Bleep
In the Package

Bleep Eclipse Connector Kit Frame, 2 Boxes of Halos (16 Day Supply Each).

Part Number(s) 100598
HCPCS Code A7034
Physical Specifications
Materials Halos are made of surgical grade, BPA, Corn and Latex-Free adhesive.

Instructions for Your Bleep Eclipse CPAP Mask

30 Seconds to Better Sleep with Bleep Eclipse!