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ResMed's AirFit F40 Full Face Mask improves user comfort with a minimal, lightweight frame that creates an open field of vision; and a soft silicone cushion that adapts to the face maintaining a comfortable seal all night long. AirFit F40 includes plush headgear with only four adjustment points - simplifying fitting and use.

AdaptiSeal Silicone Cushion: Each AirFit F40 Mask features ResMed's AdaptiSeal Silicone Cushion. These hypoallergenic cushions are soft, lightweight, and allows for a stable, comfortable seal on your face while you’re sleeping - regardless of how you move.

Designed for Comfort: Featuring a fully flexible frame that's soft on your face, a AdaptiSeal Silicone Cushion and a short tube, AirFit F40 enables freedom of movement while maintaining a secure seal throughout the night. Its minimalist design accommodates the use of glasses for reading or watching TV. With four easily adjustable points and convenient magnetic clips, it offers user-friendly functionality.

Advanced QuietAir Diffuser Elbow: AirFit F40 features ResMed's QuietAir Elbow with almost silent air dispersion and a more gentle exhaust airflow than ever before so everyone can enjoy a quiet, comfortable night's sleep. F40's elbow also features quick release squeeze-tabs so it's easy to detach with one hand at night; and it rotates 360° with an independent tube swivel to reduce tubing drag and resistance.

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Product Information
Manufacturer ResMed
In the Package

AirFit F40 Full Face CPAP & BiLevel Mask with Cushion, Plush Headgear & QuietAir Elbow

Part Number(s) 64600 (Small Wide Cushion, Standard Headgear), 64601 (Medium Cushion, Standard Headgear), 64603 (Medium Cushion, Small Headgear), 64604 (Medium Cushion, Large Headgear), 64602 (Large Cushion, Standard Headgear)
HCPCS Code A7031 A7035
Warranty 90-Day Manufacturer’s Warranty + Exclusive 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Compatibility All CPAP & BiPAP Machines (Adapter required for use with AirMini Travel CPAP Machines.)
Mask Performace
Mask Type Full Face Mask
Mask Pressure Levels 4 to 30 cm H20
Physical Specifications
Available Size(s) Small Wide, Medium, Large
Materials Latex Free. Contains Silicone

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