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SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit (Includes Universal Hose & Mask Adapter Free)

SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit (Includes Universal Hose & Mask Adapter Free)

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This SoClean 2 Cartridge Filter Kit includes one replacement filter for the SoClean 2 CPAP Sanitizer. For best performance SoClean 2 filters should be replaced on average every 6 months. This cartridge is compatible with both the SoClean 2 and the SoClean 2 Go. A Universal Hose & Mask Adapter is included free as well!

    When installed the SoClean 2's Cartridge Filter converts activated oxygen back to regular oxygen as it leaves the SoClean 2 device.

    Usage Information: The Cartridge Filter must be in place at all times when using the SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer. The SoClean 2 device will alert you when it is time to change the filter. This package is designed for use with all SoClean machines that have SC1200 in the serial number.

    Note: Prior to 2024 this package included both a filter and check valve. SoClean has discontinued the check valve and it is no longer included. A Universal Hose & Tubing Adapter is now included so users can clean tubing and masks without connecting the SoClean directly to their sleep therapy device.

    SoClean Filter Replacement
    1. Open the SoClean so you can see inside the sanitizing chamber.
    2. Remove the old filter from the SoClean by pulling it up and out; and discard it.
    3. Remove all protective plastic wrapping and tape from the new filter. Note: You may see some black particles from the filter on the outside of the filter or on your hands. This is normal due to settling during shipping. Any black particles should be wiped off with a soft, dry cloth or paper towel.
    4. Place the new filter into the filter holder within the SoClean chamber.
    5. After the filter has been replaced, reset the SoClean by pressing and holding the "Manual" and "Hourglass" buttons on the front of the device simultaneously until a smiley face appears on the screen. The smiley face means the reset was successful and your SoClean is ready to use.


    Product Information
    Manufacturer SoClean
    Part Number(s) PN1207
    HCPCS Code E1399
    GTIN / UPC Code 00187293000761
    Compatibility This kit is suitable for all SoClean 2 and SoClean 2 Go machines. It is NOT compatible with SoClean 1 or SoClean 3 devices.
    Physical Specifications
    Materials Latex Free