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FlexiTube Angle Adapter for Hose-to-Machine Connections - DISCONTINUED

FlexiTube Angle Adapter for Hose-to-Machine Connections - DISCONTINUED

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Do you have problems with you CPAP/BiPAP tubing twisting or pulling while you sleep? Is your machine at an awkward angle or a tight spot so that tubing has to bed sharply in order to fit? Use the FlexiTube Angle Adapter to create a flexible joint between your CPAP/BiPAP machine and hose. The FlexiTube is designed to flex in any direction, without twisting, to reduce the torsion and stress that can sometimes occur at the join between the CPAP/BiPAP machines and hoses.

Product Information
Manufacturer AG Industries
Part Number(s) SP-FT
HCPCS Code A7037
Compatibility FlexiTube is compatible with most CPAP/BiPAP machines that use standard tubing including those from Respironics, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, DeVilbiss, and others. It WILL NOT work with the following machines: S9 Series, SleepStyle 604, SleepStyle 608, ProBasics ZZZ-PAP, PureSome and ComfortPAP CPAP Machines.